Books about Middlesex

The Capital Ring (Recreational Path Guides) by David Saunders, Aurum Press, 2010

The Castles on the Ground: the Anatomy of Suburbia by J. M. Richards (illustrations John Piper); John Murray editions 1946 and 1973 and shortly reissued by Faber and Faber.

The Design of Suburbia: a Critical Study in Environmental History by Arthur M Edwards, Pembridge Press 1981

The Final Link: A Pictorial History of the Great Western & Great Central Joint Line by Dennis Edwards and Ron Pigram , Midus Books 1982

The Golden Years of the Metropolitan Railway and the Metroland Dream by Dennis Edwards and Ron Pigram, Midus Books 1983

Heathrow 2000 Years of History by Philip Sherwood, The History Press 2011

The London Loop (Recreational Path Guides) by David Sharp, Aurum Press 2010

London’s Underground Suburbs by Dennis Edwards and Ron Pigram, Godfrey Cave Associates 1988

London the Unique City, by Steen Eiler Rasmussen, Penguin Books 1960

The Northern Heights of London by William Howitt, London 1869

Middlesex (Buildings of England series No 3) by Nikolaus Pevsner, Penguin Books 1951

Metro Memories: A Pictorial History of Metroland by Dennis Edwards and Ron Pigram, Midus Books 1977

‘Pinner in the Vale’ Sh0rt History of Pinner by Edwin M Ware, Pinner Press 1937

The Romance of Metroland by Dennis Edwards and Ron Pigram, Midus Books 1979

The Unofficial Countryside by Richard Mabey, new introduction by Ian Sinclair, Little Toller books 2010

View of the Agriculture of Middlesex by John Middleton, London, G & W Nicol 1807

The Victoria County History: Middlesex from British History Online

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