Super outer circles

With Thameslink and soon Crossrail runningĀ  from North to South and West to East, London is at last getting a fast service linking the fringes to the centre, like Paris’s more than 40-year-old RER lines. But London has something unique: a long tradition of joining the suburbs not to the centre but with eachother. The Victorians’ inner, middle, outer and super-outer railway lines (almost entirely in the then-Middlesex) provided the infrastructure for this century’s London Overground network which by 2012 will form a complete outer circle. Meanwhile there are various plans for a new railway or light railway to link the redeveloped Brent Cross with West London: the ‘North and West London Light Railway‘ proposed by the Campaign for Better Transport and the West London Orbital scheme proposed by various West London chambers of commerce which would involve a new underground line.

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