Remaining Middlesex

Middlesex glows faintly like a burnt out star

Middlesex addresses: until 1996 you had to write Staines Middlesex (Middx) even though since the county of Middlesex was abolished in 1965 Staines was supposed to be in Surrey. Today although it’s not required many people in Edgware,  Kingsbury, Stanmore, Twickenham, Wembley, etc still add the county name — perhaps just to add a bit of resonance .

The county sign: there’s at least one telling drivers crossing Kew Bridge into Brentford (the former county town) that they’re entering Brentford Middlesex. It seems to be Hounslow Council who are the pro-Middlesex hold-outs — historically they’re the successor of local authorities that were outside the County of London.

Middlesex university — based in Trent Park, laid out by Humphry Repton, in a handsome mansion house, 1th century origin but largely rebuilt in the 20th century,  used in World War 2 as an interrogation centre for captured German officers, whose conversation was eavesdropped via hidden microphones. Until recently it had a world-class philosophy department.

Middlesex County Cricket Club Middlesex, that is, not of course MCC which is Marylebone Cricket Club and runs Lords. Confusing if you’re not a fan.

The various Middlesex hospitals: West Middlesex (Isleworth), Central Middlesex (Park royal) and North Middlesex (Edmonton).

The Federation of Middlesex Beekeepers Associations with its North London, Ealing, Enfield,  Pinner and Ruislip and Harrow constituent members.

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  1. I remember how Stanmore and Brentford was back then as I used to live in both places. I also attended the cricket club and at first it was confusing ha 🙂

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