Former Enfield windmill

St Paul’s Cathedral sits on Ludgate Hill, about the same height (17 metres) as Tower Hill and Corn Hill. Hills ring the City to the north and west: Primrose Hill ((78m) Muswell Hill (105m); Highgate (130m); Hampstead (134m) and further out Harrow (124m) Stanmore (152m) and Bushey Heath (154m). Their height made them good places to site windmills, and also to live: one early 17th century Highgate house according to tradition was built by Oliver Cromwell for his son-in-law General Ireton. Hill suburbs were exclusive; Highgate was sufficiently well heeled to afford the luxury of a Europe’s first San Francisco style cable car (which operated from Archway from 1884-1909).


John Constable Branch Hill Pond 1828



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