Desperate for sex in Middlesex — why was ‘The Inbetweeners’ set in Ruislip ?


‘He’s from a hard family in Northwood. His brother did time.’

‘Oh, Northwood?’

The Inbetweeners, ‘Work Experience’ S2E2 2009

A lot of film and television has been shot in famous studios such as Shepperton or Teddington, and the streets of Middlesex have featured in any number of BBC shows, from Monty Python to Dr Who. But E4’s cult show The Inbetweeners about the frustrations of four suburban teenage boys extracted maximum value from locating its characters in the anonymous sprawl of north west Greater London as the show’s co-writer Iain Morris explained to a local newspaper in 2011, soon after the release of the hit series movie.

But what clinched it for Ruislip, Morris explains, was that it had had ‘the nicest looking school’ in Ruislip High. This opened in 2007, not long before the series started shooting. In the series it appears as Rudge Hill Comprensive. So the reason for the Inbetweeners choice of location turns out to be the 1997-2010 Labour government and its Building Schools for the Future programme.



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